By the Seat of My Pants

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By the Seat of My Pants

edited by Don George | Lonely Planet

The problem with reading on the road is that if you are enjoying your journey you won’t have any time to read. Then, when you encounter that long stretch past Dullsville and have the time to read, you can’t remember what had happened in the pages before. What you need in these situations is a collection of short stories, a book you can dip in and out of, a book designed for today’s short attention spans.

Full of funny tips to help you avoid international embarrassment

The people at Lonely Planet know this, and have released a collection of over 30 short, funny travel stories by various writers, such as literary heavyweights Jan Morris, Tim Cahill, Simon Winchester and Pico Iyer, as well as some previously unpublished authors. The stories concern those little incidents that happen when you bravely leap into the unknown – whatever a country might throw at you. And each mishap reveals a little about the writer and the country they’re passing through. Danny Wallace, from the recent BBC show in which he proclaimed himself the king of his own country, leads the way with a tale in which he can’t rid himself of an ever-so-slightly-worrying chauffeur in Prague – why, for instance, would he need an Uzi 9 mm under his seat when picking people up from the airport?

It’s a fantastic little book, full of funny tips to help you avoid international embarrassment – in fact, it’s one you’ll read when passing through Funsville, too.

First published: Traveller magazine, Nov-Dec 2005
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