The Tao of Travel

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by Paul Theroux | Penguin

To celebrate 50 years of life on the road, Paul Theroux takes a walk around his own library, revisiting the books which shaped him, both as a traveller and as a reader. In part it’s Theroux’s own travel philosophy, in part a reminiscence, but as a whole The Tao of Travel is a miscellany of the ponderings of travel literature. Bringing together writers such as Samuel Johnson, Mark Twain, Bruce Chatwin and Ernest Hemingway, as well as quoting his own work, Theroux considers such evergreen travel issues as Murphy’s Rules of Travel, The Things That They Carried, and Fears, Neuroses and Other Conditions. In short, it’s a kaleidoscope of considerations as to why people travel, and something to enjoy dipping in and out of, for a satisfying escape.

First published: Compass magazine, Summer 2012
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