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The Traveller's Handbook is a 960-page all-purpose travel directory, providing essential information and advice for planning any kind of trip anywhere in the world.

In the 11th edition I entirely overhauled the country listing pages, increasing the level of detail provided on such things as visa and vaccine requirements, as well as insights on places to explore and national foods.

For the 12th edition I oversaw the entire production process, commissiong new articles from the great travel writers, editing and proofing all information pages and providing design direction.

Contributors include: John Simpson, Eric Newby, Ranulph Fiennes, Joanna Lumley, Colin Thubron, Clive Anderson, Simon Calder, David Bellamy, Jan Morris, Dervla Murphy, Benedict Allen, Esther Freud, George Monbiot, Robin Hanbury-Tension, Nicholas Crane, Hilary Bradt, Pen Hadow, Robin Knox-Johnston and many more.


  • Profiles for every country in the world including visitor highlights, when to go, weather charts, etiquette and travel practicalities.

  • Fine writing by some of the best names in the field on some of the best places in the world.

  • Extracts from the finest travel writing.

  • Famous travellers reflect on their life's experiences.

  • Topical essays on green travel, health, hotels, business travel, airline deals, photography, language learning, gap year travel, latest trends and much more.

  • Top tips for all kinds of travelers, from the business person to the adventurer, the student to the sophisticate.

  • The nitty gritty of visas, finance, transport, equipment, planning and everything else to make your trip a success.

  • Comprehensive listings of useful websites, specialist suppliers, vaccinations required and much more.

  • Survival tips for dangerous situations and extreme conditions.

  • Travel doctors explain how to prevent, recognize and treat health problems abroad.

  • Top commentators analyse the nature of travel looking at new destinations, ethical dilemmas, future trends.

  • Professional advice on working or living abroad.
  • How to meet and enjoy the challenges of other cultures.


I know of no single volume that packs so much travel advice between two covers and yet still weighs the same as a water bottle.

- Michael Palin

Whatever situation you get into, this book can help you out.

- Ranulph Fiennes

I've carried the Traveller's Handbook with me for years. It's sharp, packed with useful, up-to-the-moment, unsentimental facts from people who know precisely what they re talking about.

- John Simpson


Process management | Commissioning | Subbing & proofing | Country information | Design direction | Print management

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