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At Cox & Kings I oversaw the production of 12 156-page destination pages each year - alongside the production of Compass magazine, the World of Cox & Kings mailer, and the main website and MasterChef Travel site digital communications and developments.

With such a busy marketing calendar, sometimes seeing two brochures go to print in the same week, deadlines and efficiencies are critical. Building on my brochure content production experience at Wexas, this work established the importance of accuracy from the outset, clear internal communications between stakeholders, replicable page structure templates, and the constant need for flexibility. As well as building a great relationship with our printers and mailhouse.

Updating the design and brochure architecture to improve clarity and usability from the outset, for later cycles I switched the content order to allow the content to breathe, putting emphasis on the inspiration of tailor-made content, before following up with group and private travel set itineraries and hotel listings.


Words | Image selection | Design direction | Pagination | Process management | Print buying | Mail out

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